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A Difficult Reality to Accept

In March 2017, I was a bigwig at a big, fancy financial firm in St. Paul, Minnesota. I had left clinical medicine six years prior because of the growing mountain of bureaucratic hassles involved with taking care of people. I had dabbled in medical media and found that while I did not enjoy the game of television, I did get a lot of satisfaction out of explaining medicine to non-physicians. I landed the job at the financial firm in 2011 and I thought "Why not?" Over the first four years in that job, the way medical information is used to determine the cost of financial products was taught to me by experts. I analyzed cases and reports and presented scientific conclusions intended to improve the business and increase profits. My performance was rewarded with a promotion to Chief. It all seemed natural at the time, but very quickly, as the time I had for case review dwindled and the administrative tasks increased, I hated my job.

I didn't know I hated it. I knew performance…