The Big Purge

For the last five weeks, I have been sorting through the contents of our cabinets, boxes and containers, determining the value the items inside have to us, people we know and the world in general. The bottom line? We have a lot of stuff. I'm ashamed of none of it and only regret not working this kind of analysis into our calendar more often prior to today. (That was a recommendation to you, dear friend! Heed it before you decide to pull up roots and move halfway around the world!) I'm rediscovering fantastic long-lost tokens and projects and ridding our home of the meaningless stuff we "may need someday."

At dinner, Rick and the kids and I talk about our big move and the questions we have about life in New Zealand. Smith asked recently if there were dental floss sticks (flossers) there. Dunno. I've read their ketchup is not the same as our ketchup. The realization that nothing that plugs into the wall here will plug into the wall there was jarring at first, but then quite liberating. We've purchased two converters for short-term use, but at $50 a piece and with the risk of fire involved, we have also created a budget for purchasing new electric everything after we settle in.

As I write to you on my break from packing and inventorying clothes, linens and shoes into space bags and eliminating superfluous packaging from our parcels, my stomach is filled with butterflies. We are not only simplifying and de-cluttering. We are discovering a fresh independence and launching into an incredible adventure! Chase is fascinated with the haka. Smith loves to examine our map and globe with scholarly interest and detail and imagine what our journey will entail. Grant is worried about wearing a uniform to school but is excited to hear the accents his new friends have and to meet new people. I look forward to meeting people from every walk of life and to living in what looks and sounds like a vibrant community. Most homes we've seen online have few wall hangings because every wall is too filled with windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors! What will living wide open to the outdoors be like? (My mom brain answer: dusty. My adventurous brain answer: fresh!) Rick dreams of riding on the trails already blazed by kiwis and creating new ones himself. We have refreshingly little trepidation about the whole thing. Just excitement and wonder.

Well, I must return to my checklists, donation schedules and Tetris-style packing, so I will leave you with the hope that you find amazement and curiosity in your life today too. Let the sun shine on your face. Linger under the hot water in the shower for a moment and just breath. Then grab a beer and go through that crate in the basement. You'll thank me later.


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