Chase and Smith's Thoughts - 06 November 2017

Me: "What do you think about our move to New Zealand?"
Chase: "Not very good. I'm gonna miss my friends at school. Do they know that we're coming there?"
Me: "Yes, Daddy has a job there."
Chase: "Oh. I'm gonna be shy."

Smith: "I'm gonna miss everyone in my class and in my neighborhood."
"I'm excited that we're going to live on an island because there is an ocean around it and I like going to the beach. I like seeing the palm trees and the pretty flowers."

Me: "What do you think about meeting new friends?"
Chase: "No. When did we make Frederic and Felix our friends?"
Me: "When you were four."
Smith: "I want to make new friends."

Me: "What about your new school? You know you have to wear a uniform."
Smith: "I think it's gonna be good. I hope Chase is in my class."

What other questions do you have?
Do we have to pay money to bring our costumes to New Zealand?
Do they um, do they um, do they um... What was I gonna say?
What do our uniforms look like?
Do they have karate there? Gymnastics?
Do they have Pizza T?
Will there be a hurricane in New Zealand?
I'm excited to drive to California. How many days is it gonna take?
Why don't they have football in New Zealand?
I want to watch rugby. Where do they show the points?
I'm curious about what our house is gonna look like and what's gonna be in it.
I wonder what the restaurants are gonna have. I hope they have French toast and pancakes and waffles and sausage and bacon. If they don't have bacon, I will have ham.
Do they have fruit? Milk? Orange juice? Strawberry juice? Turkey? Apple juice?

There's no snow there, you know.
Chase: "Good. I don't like snow."
Smith: "I think that's good. It's too cold."

Grant: "Do they have unicorns in New Zealand?"


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