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a sticky situation

In the spirit of the hanger...

There was no hint of the mental images she had created of warm beaches and fresh fruit. The exhilaration that had often accompanied her thoughts of this incredible move to New Zealand was nowhere to be found. Replacing those idyllic sentiments were intense feelings of contempt. No, anger. No! Fury.

Double-sided tape had been a Godsend when she was single and spent her free time crafting and organizing photos. It melded all of her memories with the crisp scrapbook pages easily and with such simple elegance! As she prepared those albums for posterity to commemorate her children's quaint moments now, though, she didn't realize small eyes were tuned into her activities with curiosity and sparks of ingenuity were flying.

"What?! Who did this??!!" is what she remembers yelling the day she noticed the new artwork on the wall. Chances are there was a considerable bounty of expletives involved as well, but just as she liked to fancy herself quit…